Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things are Good!

As Joey's mom, it is hard for me to see the changes in him. I am with him all day everyday. It is not until someone who hasn't seen him in awhile sees him and notice's his improvements. Which brings me to today. I took him to his Gastro doctor to check his g-tube site. As many of you know his g-tube has been out for about three weeks now. The doctor said the site looks perfect and I don't need to come back to see him ever again. YEAH! Well, that's not the exciting news. The doctor also checked his weight and height. He has grown 2 inches and gained 1.2 pounds since October. I was most concerned about his weight because he hasn't been gaining, so for him to gain 1.2 lbs in 4 months is awesome. I also ask Joey to talk to the doctor and he said "Hello and I Love You and I know". The doctor was so excited he was jumping out of his skin. He kept saying "OMG he talks, OMG he talks". Even when I was leaving the doctors office I heard him say to his receptionist "Did you hear him, he talks, he talks, OMG he talks". He wasn't talking so much or as well last time he saw him in October. He was also very impressed by how well and quickly he responded to him when he spoke to him. When the doctor put the blood pressure cuff on him, the doctor asked him to sit still and don't move and Joey did. It was really cool. The doctor couldn't believe how much he has improved. 

I am very relived. I didn't notice any improvements over the last several month, so I'm glad the doctor did.

Joey has still been working hard at the NAPA Center twice a week. I am also in the process of booking our trip to China. I will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recovering From the Plague

What a week, first my mommy got sick with the plague last Monday and she is still recovering as of today. I just got a cold on Friday and I am almost all better now. I did really good without the feeding tube through my sickness. I drank plenty of liquids and feel much better. 

My mom has kept me loose and my body is feeling good. I have hit a bit of a platue. I haven't progressed much at all, but I have not regressed either. I am hoping that when I go to China that will give me a little push to get over the hill. Please pray that my Stem Cell Therapy will help me regain my eyesight. 

Otherwise not much else is going on. We have been stuck in the house due to all the rain.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, so I'm a little late on this post. A week ago Thursday we noticed that Joey's feeding tube was loose. I added more water to the balloon that holds it tight and thought I fixed it. Well I thought wrong. On that following Sunday Joey pulled it out. He didn't just pull it out, he got rid of it. It must have happened at the mall because I couldn't find the missing tube anywhere. We noticed before he pulled it out over those few days that he wasn't eating or drinking much. The tube must have been bothering him a lot. Since the tube came out, he eats and drinks better than he has ever before. The hole in his stomach closes up within hours and the hole in his skin is still closing, it just looks like another belly button. It feels funny holding him and touching him and not feeling the tube. He had it for exactly two years. YEAH! IT'S GONE.