Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Magic Bullet, the best invention EVER! Many years ago one of my BESTEST friends gave me one. You can use the Magic Bullet for many things, such as mixing drinks, making salsa's, making baby food, grinding food, etc. I used the Magic Bullet for Joey's food for 5 years. I used it religiously. At first I had to grind and mix his food so it could be administered through his feeding tube, then had to make it into mashed potato consistency, then got to the point where I only had to use it for his protein (red meat, chicken, etc). It traveled with Joey and I all over the world. When we finally blew the motor on it, I suffered without it for about 3 days before a new one was delivered to my door (again from my BESTEST friend). If someone didn't wash it right or put it away wrong I would stress out. That is how important the Magic Bullet WAS in my life.

Did you read that? I said WAS.

Living with Joey, watching him grow, is like watching grass grow. You look at your lawn everyday and it is hard to tell how much it has grown, until someone points out the fact that it is time to cut your lawn.  Well this is what happened with the Magic Bullet. I didn't realize I haven't used the Magic Bullet since before January until my babysitter asked me about it.

What does this mean? It means that Joey is growing up, he is progressing, he is improving. He does not need me to grind up his meat anymore. Yes, he can eat a chicken nugget and he can take a bite of a hamburger and he can NOW chew red meat long enough to swallow it without choking. I no longer need to feed him like a baby.

Many might think SO WHAT! Well 6 years ago when his feeding tube was put in and Dr's said it would never come out and he would always be tube fed and will never be able to drink and will not do much of anything, that's WHAT! His feeding tube is OUT and he can eat whatever I can eat.

People will always ask how Joey is doing and it's hard for me to see that he is improving. Remember, living with Joey is like watching grass grow. Then I get little reminders that he is always changing. He has NEVER really hit a plateau in his healing, just when the obvious is not showing, the less obvious is healing.

So I am not giving up the Magic Bullet completely. I am now just going to use it for my Margarita's.