Monday, April 9, 2012


Everyday starts with getting out of bed, waking all three kids and begin getting ready for school. It takes Jessica over a hour to get ready, Jack takes about 30 min. and Joey takes about 45 minutes, this includes eating breakfast. Pretty NORMAL right! Off to school they all go and off to work I go. At about 1:30 I begin my rounds of school pick up, first Jessica, then Jack and then Joey. From school they all go to there extracurricular activities, Jessica softball, Jack track and depending on the day Joey either has horseback riding, baseball, or therapy. Pretty NORMAL right! OK maybe not to 80% of society, that going to therapy is NORMAL, but in my world, it is very NORMAL!

In my world, taking my child to get botox and casting (BTW he has casting now and is doing great with it) every 9 months is NORMAL! Going to therapy 5 days a week is NORMAL! Meeting with various people for evaluations all year long is NORMAL! Going to a Neurologist and Orthopedic and Optometrist and Pediatrician a couple times a year is NORMAL! Having a stander and walker, special bath chairs and feeding chairs, sensory toys, my special blender and chopper for food is all NORMAL! Having diapers and wipes for the rest of my life in my house and having a handicap accessible van is NORMAL!

Joey being NORMAL!

UH! you ask! How is that all NORMAL?

Well for 20% of Americans, this is a NORMAL life. 

Jack being JACK! NORMAL!

It gets really frustrating hearing other people always wish their lives to be NORMAL! NORMAL is what YOU make your life, not what defines your life. It might not be the same NORMAL as your neighbors or friends or family around you or even 80% of people in your life, but it is your NORMAL, embrace it. Learn to live your life your NORMAL, because your NORMAL will never be the same as anyone else's NORMAL! 

For all my friends and family that don't think their lives are NORMAL, stop for a second, stop for a minute, STOP! Your life is NORMAL! Your life is what you make it. Make yourself happy and everyone around you will become happy. Do for yourself, so that your family can live a NORMAL life.

Jessica, love her!

My family is NORMAL! I love our NORMAL! I don't even know that I want to deal with someone elses NORMAL. I have a very happy NORMAL!