Friday, April 24, 2009

Sorry Girls, I Only Date Models

Just wanted to share a cute shirt I got for Joey.  Also today he had his Behavioral therapy session. The therapist had him sitting and playing with his toys. One of the toys was a pad that you could hit different buttons to have a pig, chick or cow sing a song. We ask Joey to hit the cow and he did and every time we ask him to do it, he did. He would lift his arm and hand from his side and hit the button, he would then put  his arm back down to his side. I have never seen Joey do this before. It was so awesome.

You go Joey!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break

Wow, spring break has already come and gone. During spring break, the family split and went different directions. My mom took me and my older two kids to Maui for a week. It was great fun. My older kids Jessica 11 and Jack 9 got along great. I didn't want to leave just for that  reason. It was a very nice relaxing vacation. Thank you so much mom.

As for Joey, he stayed home with a few different people. Daddy had to work, so he only had him on the weekend. My babysitter and her mom watched him a couple days, my stepmom also had him a couple days and my mother-in-law took him a couple days. Thank you to everyone that took care of Joey. He couldn't have been in better hands.

Even though Joey was very well taken care of, he was not a happy camper when I got home. He wouldn't let me leave the room for a second without him screaming. His body was very stiff and he didn't have a bowel movement for a few days. He is beginning to get back on track now. He went to school yesterday and had a great time. Boy was he tired. Then he had therapy for two hours after and knocked out for an hour nap when it was all over.

A couple weeks ago Joey got approved for behavioral therapy. The therapist come to the house Mon., Wed., and Fri. for two hours to play with him. He is really talking a lot more due to this therapy. He is continuing to go to the NAPA Center for traditional and neuro suit therapy twice a week also.

We are now getting ready for our next therapy endeavor. We leave for China on August 6th. Can't wait.

God Bless all