Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving Up the Hill

Ok, where do I start. Ummmmmmmm. Life like usual in the Stafford house is busy. Not out of control busy, just busy. The kids have finally finished their sports, Jessica softball and Jack flag football. School is almost out for all three kids. They are all doing great in school. We all can't wait for summer. We have a lot going on over summertime and we are very excited about it.

Joey is doing awesome. I have heard from a few of Joeys therapist, teachers and relatives that they noticed Joey on the up. Over the last couple months, Joey has really made great improvements. Yesterday at PT, Joey was really putting weight through his arms when side sitting. We would say to Joey when his arm started to collapse "push up with your arm Joe, push up" and holy cow, he did. He did this for about 10 mins. it was awesome. He then did this when he was in crawling position. He is finally starting to feel his arms. The connection in his brain is firing again. YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! 

Joey also began Behavioral Therapy. Not that Joey has behavioral issues. It's more like OT & ST when working with Joey. They take him on the swing and for walks and play with his toys and read books and they also feed him his lunch. They are working on getting him to talk more. To ask for things and to anticipate things. He is doing great with this. When his therapist walks in the door and after they greet each other, Joey starts saying  "I go, I go, I go", he wants to go outside and play on the swing. He will also vocalize when he wants more food during lunch time. The other amazing thing that has been happening is the use of his arms. When he plays with his piano, the therapist will ask Joey to touch a perticular part of the piano or just have him reach for the piano and he is doing it. He does it all the time ,everytime he is asked.

Joey has increased his vocabulary greatly. He says:

I love you
I'm Joey
I'm Joe
I go
I don't know

These are the words he says all the time. They are not always very clear, actually only us and others that see him all the time could probably understand him.

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. His eyesight is getting better he is starting to see the expressions on our faces. You have to get close and it can take up to 5 minutes for him to focus on you, but he does.

Ok, I think thats about it. Joey is very busy healing and we are very busy helping him heal. 

For those of you that live in Simi, the HUGS Foundation for near drowning kids is having their annual fundraiser on Wednesday May 20th. It is at Pauls Italian Villa. If you are interested please let me know.

Blessing to all.