Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 Near Drowning Mom's Retreat

Just this last weekend I went to Suncadia in Cle Elum, Washington for our 2nd ND Mom's retreat. This year there were 15 amazing mom's and 2 helpers. It was the best most normal weekend ever. Just check out my pictures.


just having fun with Lisa

Yep, I'm creeping behind Joanna and Erin.

Fun times with Amy, Lisa and Lindsey
Martha Washington and her daughter Amy. LOL!

Amy, your a natural on creeping.

3 Little Piggies (Lindsey, Kehau and me)


The beginning of our fun.

Let the good times begin.

Lunch at the Winery!

Of course I have a million other pictures, you can find many on my facebook.
Thanks Ladies for a most amazing normal, comfortable weekend.
Thank you Sue for organizing it and thank you Tiffany for letting us use your place and Thank you Amy and Yoli for all you did for us this weekend.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

and these are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

and these are the "DAYS OF OUR LIVES". Growing up I use to watch this soap opera religiously. When I was in high school and then college I would tape it. I would never miss a show.

I have now not seen the soap opera in over 14 years. WHY? KIDS. OH my kids.......I love them to death, but boy do they keep you busy.

In the end of August all three started school. It was a big year for all of them. Jessica started 9th grade in High School, Jack started the 6th grade and my baby, Joey, started 1st grade. Jessica started softball and Jack kind of started football. He broke his arm 1 week before the first game, so he hasn't played, but still goes to every practice and every game. His cast just came off this last week and is healing great.We are hoping he will be ready to play in a tournament over Thanksgiving. Jessica just finished tryouts for softball in high school. We should find out later today if she made the team.

Then there is my little man, Joey. Like I said he has started 1st grade. His 1st grade teacher is the same as last year. The class in kindergarten/ First grade split. I really like this, because it took about the first 3 months to even figure out Joey and for him to get comfortable in the classroom to actually learn. So now that he has been with the teacher and his aide for a year now, He just picked up from where he left off last year and it has been great. Only difference with school this year is that he rides the school bus and is gone an additional 2 hours a day. However he has adjusted well. I think his favorite part of school is the bus ride. He loves the bumps and all the kids singing.

At school, he is walking everywhere in his walker. He even dances when he is in his walker. He uses a Big Mac button to help answer questions and sits in a cube chair independently during circle time. His sitting has improved so much. He can sit in a cube chair for about 2 minutes, and can sit criss cross on the ground on an average of 7 minutes.

When Joey started school I increased his food intake by a few hundred calories. he has gained 3 lbs since school started. He now weighs 44lbs. Whoo HOO! This is big.

As for now his therapy schedule goes as follows:

Monday - *Behavioral therapy 2.5 hrs at home
Tuesday - Hippo therapy
Wednesday - *Behavioral therapy 2.5 hrs at home
Thursday - *Behavioral therapy 2 hrs at home
Friday - Physical therapy 1hr at clinic
Saturday - AAC clinic 1 hr at clinic

He also gets two 1/2 PT and OT sessions, speech, and vision at school each week.

Thanks to my amazing babysitter I am able to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there.

I am planning on taking Joey back to AZ hopefully in January or February for more ABM therapy. I need life to slow down just a tad before I run away to AZ for a week with Joey.

I am also planning on doing another garage sale in the spring to raise monies for Joey. He is getting big and needs some new equipment to help with his everyday needs. So start saving your things. Thanks

As for Jeremy and I , well we get alone time with or without each other whenever we can. Just enough to keep our heads out of the water. We are both crazy busy working carrying numerous jobs each.

This next weekend I leave for my Moms retreat in Seattle. I get to hang out with some amazing moms that are on the same journey as I. We all have kids that have had a near drowning. It is a great weekend and I look so forward to it.

So these are the "Days of our Lives". Boy do I miss watching anything but the Disney channel. LOL!

*Behavioral Therapy - is a combination of speech, PT, OT, and vision. The therapist work on getting him to communicate and initiate responses.