Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today Joey turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday Joey.

Joey's Superman cupcake birthday cake
Mommy, Daddy, brother Jack , sister Jessica and Joey

Papa Dave and Joey

Birthday boy. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SUMMERTIME...............................WHOO HOO!

I know its been awhile since I have posted, but life got in the way and very busy.  Everyone is out of school now and the house is buzzing with kids. Jessica and Jack did great in school. Jessica got accepted into the GATE program again next year and got an award at school. Joey had a pre-school graduation. It was very cute.

Joey did really good at school. The school district has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for Joey.  The IEP is a goal setting  program for Joey in regards to PT, OT, ST, VT and education. Good news, Joey meet all his goals except one. He did awesome at school. He is also doing great in therapy. He is really starting to use his arms more. When asked he will reach for a toy in front of him once showed where the toy is. 

About a month ago during therapy a muscle in his foot/ankle was strained. We had to let it heal for a couple weeks, so I could not put his braces on. Joey didn't mind, he HATES his braces. I'm not fond of them either. Once his foot was healed I decided not to put his braces back on. I just spent extra time stretching his feet, however, I was still a little nervous that his heel cords would tighten up to much and that maybe I was doing him a disservice. Well good news, they didn't, today he showed me that his heel cords were fine. During therapy he walked with his feet flat, NO braces. WHOO HOO! It was awesome to see. I took pictures. They are posted on

Today, Joey went to the dentist and had his very first teeth cleaning. Boy did he do great, he kept his mouth open and the hygienist was able to floss, clean and examine his teeth. Of course his teeth were perfect. 

As for the rest of the summer, My husband and I celebrated our 13 yr anniversary, Joey's Birthday is June 28th, my baby is turning into a big boy of 4 years old. Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Also Happy Birthday to my husband. We have a camping trip in which Joey will stay home. We are going to Lake Havasu and it is way to hot for him. The dogs will babysit. j/k ha ha ha Then August 6th we leave for China. We are all set to go and can't wait. I will try and make daily posts when we are in China to document our trip. As for the other kids, Daddy will stay home with them when we are in China. Grandma and Grandpa will help watch them and take them to football and cheerleading practice. 

We are still waiting for Joey gait trainer, hopefully it will be here when we get back from China.

Well that's about it. Please pray for a save trip and great results. Have a great summer everyone.

New pictures are posted on