Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Ready for China

Well it is almost time for us to leave. We leave on Thursday Aug. 6th and will be gone for almost 4 weeks. Boy do I have a lot to do with organizing the kids and hubby and dogs and the house and not to forget that I still have to pack. How do you pack for four weeks? I guess I'll let you know in about a week. ha ha ha

I have some other friends that have recently come back from Costa Rica for SCT. They are already seeing some results. One is trying to climb on the couch. He couldn't do this before. The other is starting to roll back and forth and she has not done this before. Keep up the good work Charlie and Makenzie. 

Ok one last quick note, please send extra prayers out to my friends Lindsey and Santana. Santana had his near drowning accident 1 month before Joey. Unfortunately they have not seen results like we have had with Joey, so they need extra prayers. His website is

Ok my next update will be once we get to China in a week. Please pray for a safe and easy trip to China.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy Summer

WOW, it's amazing that we are already half way thru July. Summer has been busy. Joey goes to therapy 5 days a week from anywhere to 2-3 hrs each day. Between me and our most wonderful, can't live without her babysitter, we have been switching off taking Joey to therapy and doing funny things with the older kids. I have my nephew Elijah staying with us for about a month and a half, and it seems my daughter has her whole  middle school over every other day. So our house is busy.  We leave in 2 days for a vacation to the lake. I guess we felt that the 95 degree weather wasn't hot enough so we are going to Lake Havasu where it is 115 degrees. Joey is staying home with our most wonderful, can't live without her babysitter. It is way to hot for him and I don't want anything to happen to him before our China trip. Anyways, I think Joey likes the babysitter better anyways. :) Speaking of Joey, he is doing AWESOME. His body has been loose and he has been a happy camper. He hasn't been wearing his braces though. He hates them and I hate them. I have been spending extra time and making an extra effort to stretch his feet and ankles as much as possible. It's been working, because when he walks in his gait trainer he is able to get his feet flat. WHOO HOO! 

He has also been commando crawling more. He use to only move his left arm and leg and he went in a circle when on his tummy. WELL, he has now started using his right side too. My living room is not big enough. He is all over the place. As for his eyesight, well that hasn't changed much. He still can't see well at all. I'm praying hard that the Stem Cell therapy will help with this. Speaking of Stem Cell Therapy, Joey, me and my mom leave in exactly 3 weeks. I am so nervous, anxious, excited, hopeful, and scared. I kind of feel that this trip is a make it or break it for Joey. I don't expect miracles, but will be disappointed if we don't see even the smallest improvement. Thats all I want is the smallest improvement. No actually it's not. I WANT A MIRACLE, but will settle for the smallest improvement. I don't want this SCT to just be another therapy we mark off the list. I believe that SCT is the future to help healing our kids. I know people who have taken their kids all over the world, and 9 out of 10 have seen improvements. On the other hand, I am very excited to go to China. I have never been. Thanks to my mom and Aunt and Uncle we are flying first class. We have three flights to get to our final destination. A total of about 17 hrs in the air. I hope I have enough Valium for Joey and I. ha ha ha When we are in China, I will post updates as much as possible. I will also post picture on his dropshot site.

Ok, I'm done talking for now. Time to take Jack to football camp, Jessica to her friends, me to the gym, then a little work and then Joey to a late afternoon therapy session an hour away.

OHHHH one last thing, Joey has two friends, Makenzie and Charlie who are in Costa Rica right now having their SCT. Please send extra prayers there way for a safe trip and a successful treatment. We love you guys.

Bye for now.