Monday, July 8, 2013

HERE WE GO AGAIN ON OUR OWN...............................

I'm already tired and I haven't done anything yet.

Yesterday Joey and I left on a 3.5 hour tour down to Pine Valley for 3 weeks of Intensive Suit therapy for Joey. The drive was easy with no traffic. Joey slept half the time, so that was good. Our challenges began when we checked into the motel. Joey began to fuss and fuss some more and fuss some more. He doesn't like to be out of his comfort zone (our living room). Of course going to bed was difficult, so I had to snuggle with Joey all night which doesn't allow me any sleep. Joey slept great.

Pine Valley is super super small. Three places to eat, a little market/liquor store, fire station, police station, little little library, gas station, park and motel. That's IT! NOTHING ELSE, NO KIDDING, NOTHING! I think I'm in culture shock. I will be pulling my hair out by the end of this week. Unfortunately we will have to eat every single meal out. The coffee shop employees will know us well.

I am very nervous about how Joey will do. It has been a few years since we have done this therapy. Joey's body has changed so much and not necessarily for the better. He is more cognitively aware which is great, but means he will fight us more.

Please send positive thoughts our way for a great therapy session and for boredom not to set in.

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Clarissa R said...

Positive thoughts going your way!