Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well 2013 started off with a BANG!

On January 25th Joey went in for tendon release surgery on several areas of is legs. The surgery went great. It took a little longer then originally stated (2hrs longer), but everything was great. The hard part was seeing this super happy boy laughing and smiling and talking up a storm before surgery to a little boy who is in pain and fussy after the surgery. Joey was casted from groin to toe.  He will be casted for 3 weeks in long casts then 3 more weeks in half casts. He has to lay flat and over a 3 week period slowly get him back to a sitting up position. We were then sent home on Sunday morning.

On our way home Sunday.

Chilling at home before the return to the hospital

Well the excitment then begins............we noticed a rash on Joey's body. We are aware that he has an allergy to meds, so we stop his meds. We were a bit to late. The rash got worse very very fast and the pain kicked in and we ended up in the emergency room and them addmitted back into the hospital. The rash progressively got worse in the hospital. They have him on a topical steriod cream and an oral antihistamine. So now we just wait it out. Still in the hospital, hopefully go home before Saturday.

First day of rash.

During Joey's adventure, back at home his great grandma was dying of cancer. Back in Novemeber she was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. gave her 6 months to a year, well she must have been in a hurry to see her hubby. Saturday morning she passed away. She was an amazing woman. Stronger then any other 90 year old I knew. Her memorial is this Saturday.
Julie Martin Stafford
Joey and Buba

So between Joey and Grandma, Jeremy and I are working on little sleep. My nights have been spent in the hospital with Joey. We are both emotionally and physically drained. We are hoping that in the future we look back at this and laugh, ok probably NOT! However we know like everything else we encounter, we will conquer and over come.
We got a quick smile.

That is were we stand now. I will update once again in another week or so.

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